Revolutionize your payroll

Integrated with your DMS, Comp saves effort on the accounting staff, motivates employees, and drives improved margins. With the flexibility required to accommodate the intricacies of modern pay plans, Comp also allows managers to present clear and concise opportunities to their teams.

Reduce time spent on payroll by up to 70%

The average payroll process at auto dealerships is generally labor intensive and highly time consuming. Comp reduces time spent calculating payroll by up to 70%, easing strain on office staff.

Eliminate errors & minimize end-of-month frenzy

The burden on accounting and billing departments can cause costly errors, delays, and employee turnover. Comp minimizes the frenzy at the end of every pay period regarding deal paperwork, splits, etc by providing transparency to your sales team, accuracy & consistency by pulling sales data directly from your DMS.

Maximize profitability for you & your employees

Analyzing and modeling pay plans is a grueling and highly manual process that requires excess hiring. Comp analyzes pay plans & reveals how to maximize profitability for you & your employees in a matter of minutes.

Build employee trust through transparency

Concern regarding compensation is the #1 cited reason for turnover within dealerships. Comp builds trust among salespeople by providing transparency in compensation.

Improve employee retention

Every unfilled sales position costs a single dealership $1000 per day. Comp allows easy evaluation of pay plans and aids in attracting and retaining a diversified salesforce.
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