Comp simplifies your payroll process and drives performance

The stores love it! I’ve been in the industry for over 20 years, and it’s the first tool I’ve ever seen that salespeople actually trust. We are very satisfied with Comp.
- CFO, Summit Automotive Group

Comp accommodates the intricacies of modern pay plans while allowing managers to present a clear and concise opportunity to their teams and potential hires.

Managers can evaluate alternative plans and test them against actual results. Additionally, salespeople can access Comp to see where they are in meeting goals and capturing opportunities. Integrated with the DMS, Comp automates and simplifies the payroll process, saves time for the office staff, motivates employees, and drives improved margins.​

How Comp Works


Enter Pay Plans Into Comp

Your dealership's pay plans are entered once in Comp using our intuitive pay plan wizard and then assigned to each employee.

View Deals In Real Time

Throughout each month, deals are entered into the DMS and Comp pulls the data automatically to display the deals in each salesperson's portal and shows them where they rank on the leaderboard.


Easily Request and Track Spiffs

Manager's can seemlessly request spiffs and keep track of their department's spiff budget in Comp's spiff module.

Run Comp's Calculation Engine

At the end of each pay period, Comp's innovative calculation engine generates payroll documents for each employee by comparing their sales data to their assigned pay plan.


Analyze Pay Plans

​Quickly analyze different pay plans using your store’s historical data and understand how to maximize profitability for you and your employees.
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